SCHOCK GmbH - vitruves izlietnes, ūdens maisītāji



We invented the quartz composite sink back in the day. And we've been constantly reinventing it and ourselves ever since. How, you might ask? By envisioning innovation in the most gorgeous of colours on the drawing board, in the lab, on the tool bench and in our heads - in the process not only creating more than 200 sink models in as many as 40 colourways but also shaping the future of our industry. Indeed, innovation leader is a rather apt description for us, with our 90 patents. And in fact more than 60% of all sinks the world over are made using our methods. But there's one thing we always used to keep to ourselves: the special combination of our products themselves - hand-made in Germany - and our international trend scouting activities. We don't follow a certain direction, we follow our intuition.

We grow with the challenges that come our way. And in doing so, time and again SCHOCK has reached a new level as a company. We are working with a strong partner on our further evolution and business strategy: IK Investment Partners. This is a partner who comes with a great deal of experience and who, like all of us, has fallen in love with the SCHOCK sink.

IK Investment Partners is a Pan-European private equity firm focused on investments in the Nordics, DACH region, France and Benelux. Since 1989, IK funds have raised more than €9 billion of capital and invested in over 100 European companies. IK funds support businesses with strong underlying potential, partnering with management teams to create robust, international leaders with excellent long-term prospects.

With our technologies and in excess of 90 patents, we want to do more than just keep on moving forward - we want to be two steps ahead all the time. This was true when we invented the quartz composite sink 35 years ago and it's true now, when 60% of the sinks made in the world are produced using SCHOCK methods.


In satisfying this need, when we're talking about technology we're talking about more than just innovative materials. We're talking about permanent research and development. About tools, all of which are made in-house and all of which are an expression of expertise and uniqueness. And about hand-made products and the heart and soul that we pour into them. We're talking about natural silica sands from Bavaria's soils. And about people who think bigger and go further than others do.

And we're talking not least about how we let not a single step in the process out of our hands - from the very first design concept and the testing and mixing of components and colourways to the process of mould construction, casting and finishing. Some people call that complex. We call it: hand-made in Germany.


Offering CRISTADUR®, CRISTALITE® PLUS and CRISTASTONE®, SCHOCK is the world's only quartz composite sink manufacturer in the world to carry three different materials in its range. Whether it's silky-smooth, stony or polished, each one of these surfaces is anything but surface deep. Because not only are all three of them made out of the best materials, regionally sourced, but everything lies in the hands of our experienced employees. And they always work with an eye for detail, a nose for trends and a heart for the exceptional. And it's how we set new standards.