The Company

Mööblifurnituur Ltd was founded in 1994. Currently the main residence is in Reola but the company has subsidiaries in Tartu, Tallinn, Pärnu and Narva.


Main activities of our company are import and sales of furniture fittings in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Company is active in both retail sale and wholesale trading. It can be said that the majority of companies that produce furniture in Estonia are our clients.


The product range sold by Mööblifurnituur is too wide to be listed in detail. The product group usually mentioned first is hinges: we are the representatives of the Italian company Salice that is one of the biggest producers of furniture hinges in the world. As representatives we also sell the furniture legs from Camar, the handles and knobs from SIRO etc. The most important company we are working with is Häfele, which is one of the biggest sellers of furniture fittings and architectural hardware in Europe having subsidiaries in more than 30 countries all over the world.

All the fittings sold by Mööblifurnituur have been tested according to the strictest standards.


Mööblifurnituur is a developing company that has set its goals in satisfying the client’s needs more and more effectively. It is done through offering different solutions, working continuously on product range and giving professional assistance. We believe that the main advantage in business is individual work with client.

Looking forward to satisfying cooperation,

Mööblifurnituur Ltd.