Our company was established in 1988. The first years were dedicated to the design and production of sliding mechanisms exclusively for some of the most renowned companies in the furniture industry. Thanks to our close collaboration with important industry operators and ongoing stimulus to find original solutions to meet our customers' needs, we were able to gain unique know-how in the design, development and industrialization of sliding systems.

Today, we can offer a wide range of patented products, designed to make sliding doors opening and closing silent, pleasant and safe for the most diverse types of compartments; from spacious wardrobes, to furniture for the living room, kitchen and bathroom, to office containers. Our offer includes 7 lines of products with 5 different sliding mechanisms (coplanar, overlapping, fold-away, with vertical and lateral movement), adjustable for doors from 45 to 200 cm wide and weighing between 10 and 100 kg.


When designing our products, we have a clear goal: to keep the promises we make to our customers and meet their expectations. This is why every detail is carefully engineered and meticulously tested.


We design technical and mechanical solutions to manufacture products that allow a linear and smooth movement that ensures maximum silence for a comfortable users experience in every sense.


We develop systems that allow a linear and smooth sliding movement, ensuring soft, effortless opening and closing.