ARTURO SALICE S.p.A. - mēbeļu viras, mehānismi



The decision made in 1957 to concentrate exclusively on the production of automatic concealed furniture hinges has allowed Salice to reach a high level of specialisation.

Strengthened by the skills acquired over the years, the primary objective of our company remains quality which is achieved through the employment of new technology and assured by workmanship of proven ability and competence.

Today's production consists of a very wide range of hardware for the furniture industry: a composite and complete assortment able to meet any construction requirement ranging from the most simple to the most complex applications.

These characteristics, together with the ease-of-use of the products, the high quality, the widespread distribution and punctuality of shipments have resulted in Salice becoming the trusted and reliable partner of the most prestigious furniture companies of large, medium and small size.


Det Norske Veritas, founded in Norway in 1864 is the certification body internationally known for its professionalism and competence, who certified Salice in 1993 to the "QUALITY ASSURANCE system ISO 9001" guaranteeing its conformity to the highest quality standards and in 1998 to the "ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT system ISO 14001", to witness that the company is attentive to the protection of the environment.

The laborious and complex series of assessments and verifications, which the company voluntarily underwent, required the formation of a dedicated team of specialists permanently working in the company in order to ensure constant observance of the standards and procedures required for the certifications.

Besides being subjected to stringent in-plant tests, Salice products are tested by independent bodies to verify their conformity with strict quality criteria, strength and durability, according to standards appropriate to the certification body and the country: CATAS (Italy), LGA (Germany), CTB-FCBA (France), LAW-MACTEC (United States), FIRA (United Kingdom).